A downloadable Is There Someone ? for Windows

Sara had a nightmare, and like every child, she wants to reach her parents' bedroom. But the house is dived in darkness, she's afraid to look around her : every corner of her bedroom looks like a monster... Or do they ?

With the help of your beloved teddy bear, face your fears and reach your parent's bedroom. Avoid the monsters and don't be too stressfull... It's just a bad dream right ?

Is There Someone ? is a 2D game, kind of puzzle and die & retry. It was programmed in C# on unity during an in-School Game Jam 


A game made by Cerf-Lock Holmes team

Programming :

Art :

Game/Level design :

Sound Designer :

Install instructions

Unzip the package. 

Double click on the IsThereSomeone.exe file to launch the game.

You need a Xbox Controller to play it well. The commands are on the README.txt.


IsThereSomeone.zip 30 MB

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